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Organizing Committee

Co-Chairmen of the Organizing Committee:

Yurii S. Osipov (President of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Victor A. Sadovnichii (President of Moscow State University)

Members of the Organizing Committee:

D.V. Anosov (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

S.M. Aseev (Vice-Chairman, Steklov Institute, Moscow)

V.V. Belokurov (Moscow State University)

V.N. Chubarikov (Moscow State University)

L.D. Faddeev (Euler International Mathematical Institute, St.Petersburg)

N.L. Grigorenko (Vice-Chairman, Moscow State University)

E.N. Khailov (Executive Secretary, Moscow State University)

S.P. Konovalov (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

V.V. Kozlov (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

A.B. Kurzhanski (Moscow State University)

A.V. Lukshin (Moscow State University)

A.A. Maltsev (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

A.V. Mikhalev (Moscow State University)

A.S. Mishchenko (Moscow State University)

E.F. Mishchenko (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

E.I. Moiseev (Moscow State University)

M.S. Nikolskii (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

N.Kh. Rozov (Moscow State University)

A.G. Sergeev (Steklov Institute, Moscow)

V.M. Zakalyukin (Vice-Chairman, Moscow State University)

M.I. Zelikin (Moscow State University)

A.B. Zhizhchenko (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

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