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Preliminary List of Plenary Talks
  • Andrei A. Agrachev, SISSA, Trieste, Italy and Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia
    «Control of diffeomorphisms and densities» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Dmitrii V. Anosov, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
      «On mathematical creative work of L.S. Pontryagin»
  • Vladimir I. Arnold, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
      «Statistics of the Morse theory of smooth functions» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • A.V. Balakrishnan, University of California, USA 
    «Aeroelastic wing flutter LCO as a Hopf bifurcation point for a nonlinear convolution/evolution equation in a Hilbert space» Abstract (PDF)
  • Roger W. Brockett, Harvard University, USA 
    «On the control of Liouville equations» Abstract (PDF)
  • Francis Clarke, Institut Universitaire de France and Université de Lyon, France
      «Control theory and nonsmooth analysis» Abstract (PDF)
  • Alexandr A. Gaifullin, Moscow State University, Russia
      «Local combinatorial formulas for Pontryagin's classes of triangulated manifolds» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Revaz V. Gamkrelidze, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
      «Hamiltonian format of Pontryagin's maximum principle» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Jean Paul Gauthier, Université de Toulon, France
    Bastien Berret, Université de Bourgogne, France
      «An inactivation principle in biomechanics» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Vladimir A. Il’in, Moscow State University, Russia
    Eugenii I. Moiseev, Moscow State University, Russia
      «Determination of the explicit analytical types of the optimal boundary controls
        of the string vibration process» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Valerii V. Kozlov, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
      «Tomson’s theorem on nonstability: its topological sense and generalizations» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Nikolai N. Krasovskii, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ekaterinburg, Russia
      «About research in Sverdlovsk-Ekaterinburg initiated by the maximum principle of L.S. Pontryagin» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Arthur J. Krener, University of California, USA
      «Control bifurcations» Abstract (PDF)
  • Aleksandr B. Kurzhanski, Moscow State University, Russia
      «On synthesizing impulsive controls and the theory of fast controls» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Mikiya Masuda, Osaka City University, Japan
      «Topological toric theory» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Eugenii F. Mishchenko, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
    Nikolai Kh. Rozov, Moscow State University, Russia
    Andrei Yu. Kolesov, Yaroslavl State University, Russia
      «Phenomena of buffering in mathematical models of natural science» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Sergei P. Novikov, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
      «Discretization of complex analysis» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Yuri S. Osipov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
    Arkady V. Kryazhimskiy, IIASA, Austria / Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia
      «Krasovskii’s extreme shift control principle and its applications» Abstract (PDF)
  • Charles C. Pugh, University of Toronto, Canada 
      «Focal Stability» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Nigel Ray, Manchester University, UK
      «Toric orbifolds» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Anatoly M. Samoilenko, Institute of Mathematics NAS, Ukraine
      «Synchronization conditions for one model of an optical laser» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Adelaida B. Vasilieva, Moscow State University, Russia
    Valentin F. Butuzov, Moscow State University, Russia
    Nikolai N. Nefedov, Moscow State University, Russia 
      «Singularly perturbed problems with boundary and internal layers» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
  • Vladimir M. Zakalyukin, Moscow State University, Russia
      «Legendre singularities and implicit ODE» Abstract: English (PDF), Russian (PDF)
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